Daisy Ramirez - Business Process Consultant/Application Developer

daisy_methodsdaisy_methods Member Posts: 2

Hello! I am a business process consultant in Orlando, FL with over 26 years of business operations experience. I specialize in inventory control, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, customer service, order processing, professional technical support services and software implementation. I'm able to implement all types of systems for our clients and if we can't find an affordable system to meet their needs I build it! With rapid development tools I can create customized mobile and desktop applications to help track and distribute the data needed to compete. I would be ecstatic to work with bookkeeping and CPA service individuals here to provide complete solutions as they arise. I often come across clients needing these ongoing services and would like to pass on the contact information. Please do let me know if you'd be interested in connecting to see how we can help one another. I'm a big fan of Wave due to its simplicity and ease of implementation. It also has great integration capability making it easy to integrate other solutions for a more streamlined solution :) I look forward to supporting and working with you all!

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