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ChiefHopkinsChiefHopkins Member Posts: 1

I have a client who claims he never received his invoice. I need to be able to show it was sent on the date I sent it. Is there a way to show all the times it was sent by my company, as well as all the times it was viewed by the client?
Also, I have noticed that I'm not receiving PDF copies of the invoices, despite my checking the box. Is there an issue with the Wave platform?
This is a VERY expensive incident so any assistance in this matter would be appreciated!


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,944 admin

    Hey @ChiefHopkins . There's no way to show a history of when an Invoice was sent or viewed by the client, but if you click into the invoice itself, it will show you the last time that the invoice was sent.

    Additionally, when in the Invoices page, you can hover your mouse over an invoice to have a menu pop up and show you when it was last read by your client. The issue with this is that if your client has opened the email but hasn't actually clicked on the invoice itself, it won't display as viewed.

    In terms of receiving emails, it looks like your address was disabled by our server for a hard bounce. I've reactivated your address so you should be good to receive any emails moving forward.

  • SharonbSharonb Member Posts: 2

    I have a question regarding the advice given in this post. I find the ability to hover over the invoice to see the read information of an invoice that has been sent very useful. However, it doesn't seem to work on all of my outstanding invoices. The invoice line seems to blink, but no menu comes up.

    Is this a known technical issue or some information that is missing on the actual invoice? All of the invoices that I am checking have either been sent or are waiting to be sent.


  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey @Sharonb! I totally hear where you're coming from here. When you hover over that invoice, you actually need to hover over some of the text, be it the Due Date, or the date of the invoice itself. Give that a shot!

  • SharonbSharonb Member Posts: 2

    @ConnorM Thanks, but I get the same result. At the moment, hover works on the first 2 invoices in the list and then it just blinks on the others underneath. It doesn't seem to make a difference which part of the text I hover over?

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