Keep Signed In and Faster Sign In Experience

herrysucahyaherrysucahya Member Posts: 1

Perhaps security is top of priority, but I felt quite a hassle to input sign in data every time I visit the site. Even with an automatic input from a password manager. Can I simply kept signed in even after I close the tab or browser? Just like Google, Facebook, and many other does. Besides, the sign in dialog should be displayed straight in the landing page.


  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 993 admin

    Hey @herrysucahya. As of right now there isn't a way to adjust this in Wave (forcing your account to be staying in automatically). One thing I do suggest is signing in with Google so that you can simply click the Google icon to login, rather than having to enter in your password. Should you have any further questions about this though, you can definitely contact our security team at [email protected]

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