Merging invoice recipe with payment

gIovanniginocchiogIovanniginocchio Member Posts: 1

Hi everyone, I am having hard time merging invoice recipe with bank payment what's the quickest way and how to do it. thank you Giovanni


  • rndigitalrndigital Member Posts: 3

    Following this as I too am getting 2x revenue values on my VAT exports

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,091 admin

    Hey @gIovanniginocchio @rndigital -- Essentially when you receive a payment on an invoice and you mark the invoice as paid in Wave, this will create a transaction for you. If you have a bank connection in Wave and the deposit happens at a later date, then you have two income transactions showing. In cases like these, you will want to make sure that they are either merged together (by selecting both and hitting the merge button). Or, you can delete the bank imported transaction as long as the invoice payment is associated with the correct bank account.

    If you are accepting payments via Wave, this help centre article goes into a bit of further detail on how to properly account for this:

  • PatchycatPatchycat Member Posts: 2

    Is it possible to merge more than two income transactions?
    eg. I put £150 cash into the bank. This corresponds to 3 different invoices. I have split the £150 into three, and attached names to each part, but would like to link them with the relevant invoices.

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  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 260 admin

    @Patchycat Hey there!

    You can do this as long as you've created the three separate invoices for that payment to coincide with. You would want to open the transaction details for the £150 deposit, and select the "split deposit" feature three times. This will bring up three different drop down menus where you can select the three invoices to split that deposit up. Hope this helps! Reach out again if you need additional info.

  • PatchycatPatchycat Member Posts: 2

    I have split the amount to 3 different customers, but then I cant see how you then attach the specific invoice to that customer

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 544 admin

    Hey @Patchycat . Let me clarify here. You won't want to add a customer to these transactions after they're split, but instead you will want to categorize each as "Payment received for an Invoice in Wave > select the unpaid invoice". This will assign each payment to the invoice itself, also associating it with the customer.

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