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BrandalynlucasBrandalynlucas Member Posts: 1

I have 2 email address linked to my account. Currently when you click to send invoices through wave it gives you an option of what email address you want to send it from. How can I do that with Estimates?


  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 232 admin

    @Brandalynlucas It's a good observation. I doubled checked myself and it looks like if you want to send an estimate, the email it gets sent from defaults to the primary email address on the account. If you convert that estimate to an invoice you would be able to choose the email it gets sent from (as you already pointed out!).

    It is expected behaviour at the moment but thanks for communicating with us on this as we're always looking to see where we can improve. For now, I'm wondering if a good workaround would be to copy and past the sharable link from the Estimates sender section? That way you can send it from your chosen email. Also, you have the option to export the Estimate to a PDF (which you could then send from your chosen email) or you can send from Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. I've attached a screenshot of these send options.

    Are you wanting another user associated with your business to be able to send estimates? Could you change the primary email address to a generic company email?

  • tjohns20tjohns20 Member Posts: 1

    This is also an issue for myself. I manage multiple businesses through my Wave account and need to be able to send estimates and receipts from the appropriate business email address instead of my personal one.

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