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wave team , need some tech support here . i think there is a issue with this report - account transactions (general ledger) report . 15 days back when i exported a report the "description" column gave a good amount of data ( the customer name - invoice number -item ) . this was a very useful feature . in fact this was one reason why i decided on waveapp :) but today when i tried the export , i dont get to see those details . the description column shows one blunt "invoice payment" as description. i tried changing the report type from accrual to cash & cash equivalents , to see if it makes any difference. no change the same "invoice payment". i have attatched both the reports : the report with full details and the latest one with only invoice payment. pls restore the previous report asap


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    Hey @madhuri, thanks for reaching out. In regards to the screenshots you attached, I can't see those here, would you be able to re-send what you are seeing when you export the incorrect looking report? Can you also ensure that you are using an up to date Chrome browser and clear your caches & cookies and attempt to export the report again?

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    @Zoe_caff strange u didnt get them ... they are not screen shots they are proper reports generated from wave app. note i am able to download both the files i have sent earlier as reference. lets try another method of sharing the files .n . please suggest alternate ways to share these files with you- email or something .

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    @Zoe_caff pls chk this . have attacthed the excel files again. pls study the description columns in both the reports . you can see the difference .
    Also i dont think it has anything to do with browser or browsing history . the same report when checked for liability accounts is able to give data . this is happening particularly with accounts listed under ASSETS in chart of accounts

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    @Zoe_caff here is the report of another account . this is a account listed under "income" in chart of accounts . here in this report, the description coloumn shows all the data as before . it seems the problem is only with ASSET accounts.

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