Merging transaction

jamesdawsondesignjamesdawsondesign Member Posts: 3

I am looking for some best practice advice wrt merging transactions.
I have the same dolar value transaction shown from my connected bank account and also shown as a receipt from Wave.
Do I merge these?


  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 260 admin

    Hi @jamesdawsondesign

    Typically when using our receipts uploading function, it will generate a transaction in your transactions page. Then of course your bank account will also import the same expense transaction as well. You can merge these two by selecting the check marks beside the transactions and then hitting merge. The transaction needs to be of the exact same value.

    Another idea a lot of our users do is delete the bank imported transaction, as it becomes redundant and it doesn't contain the image of your receipt. You've got both options!

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