Receipts only appearing under business and not accessable via personal

MargotMargot Member Posts: 4

I have photographed all my receipts on my phone and can not access them to match my expenses, they are only accessible on my business tab, but I am using them for my personal, there is no place in setting to place these receipts in the right area. Personal and business do not seem to work together at all. Also my accounts are the same I have to do manual entries everywhere and it it making the cumber-son.


  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 389 admin

    Hey @Margot, thanks for reaching out! With the receipts app or uploading receipts directly to your account, you have the option to import to your personal or business profile. Importing receipts will automatically generate expense transactions on your transactions page. This Help Centre article gives you an over view of the receipts feature, which may be some help!

    Something to note is that your personal expenses & your business expenses should be kept very separate, so be sure you are importing the right transaction to the right account. This Help Centre article explains how to handle expenses that you may have that were made for your business, with your personal account! I hope this helps :smile:

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