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I have a coffee shop and I have loads of customers. I do not issue any invoices for transactions. I need to record my sales in Wave. Could you please advise me if I can import sales data into Wave from iZettle? I want to track my sales by each item (i.e. how many lattes I sold). I am not really interested in the invoice feature of Wave.


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    Hey there!

    At this point, we don't have a iZettle integration with Wave. You can see our integrations by selecting the 'integrations' button in the bottom left of your account.

    It sounds a bit like you're looking to track your businesses income on an itemized level. The issue with this is Wave does not quite operate like an e-commerce store allowing you to track your inventory in such a way. However there is certainly a way to track this with some time and patience. If you were to connect your business bank account to the bank connections section in Wave, you'll notice that your business transactions import automatically. There you'll have the option to categorize the transaction in your chart of accounts which you could set up on a very specific level, i.e multiple income accounts, one for latte's, americanos, cappuccinos etc. Once a transaction comes in, you can categorize this accordingly. The issues you might run into of course are when someone purchases a latte and a muffin. Now you'll need to split the transaction into multiple accounts, and I imagine you'll get many of these as well! So it's clearly not an ideal way to sort our your expenses.

    Our system is primarily designed for small businesses who want to track their income and expenses on more of a macro level as opposed tracking high-volume income transactions to keep track of your inventory.

    Hope this gives you a bit more insight into how Wave operates!

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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to add my '+1' vote in support of a proper iZettle integration between Wave and iZettle. Perhaps a bit like how it's done with Xero:


    Hope to see this soon / one day! :smile:

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