Assign category automatically based on description.

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Is it possible to set the category of a transaction automatically based on the description?
Having to manually set hundreds of transactions/month is laborious and boring. In some cases the category name is identical to the description, in my instance uploaded PayPal fees have the description PayPal Fee and the category is PayPal Fee.
In most instances the description is always the same for particular categories I have set up. It can't be that hard to do surely?


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    OK, so I completely forgot that you can make things significantly easier by using filters and the bulk action facility.
    You can apply multiple filters so that you see only the things you are interested in. In my case that was not reviewed, withdrawals as they would all be Fees. Then use the select all and edit to assign a category to all the selected items. There is a threshold on number of items changed, where you can start to have problems. I did 39 in one go without issue but know it has struggled in the past with more than 50 at a time.
    The other useful thing is that you can mark them as reviewed at the same time.
    Hope this helps somebody else or even me, when I have forgotten again in a few months time.

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    Hi @Booga . Thanks for being an active member of the community and helping other users out with your personal tips & tricks! We love to see this :)

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