Time card app with GPS

ckrzenckrzen Member Posts: 7

We need:

  1. A simple time card app for iOS, Android and even the web interface on a computer browser.

  2. Time IN/OUT, breaks, etc. and a place to make notes to a supervisor to explain oddities or one-offs, etc.

  3. GPS tracking for out-and-about employees or otherwise traveling on company time, etc..

Quickbooks has this with their "TSheets" app: https://www.tsheets.com/pages/app-twopart?utm_campaign=QBT_US_GGL_NonBrand_Mobile-Time-Tracking_All_Search_All_Legacy


  • aGoodBalanceaGoodBalance Member Posts: 16

    If you are the only one who is going to use TSheets you can get it for free.

  • ckrzenckrzen Member Posts: 7

    @aGoodBalance Thanks! I was hoping to get an official Wave product to compliment the service or at least not one that would lead back to Quickbooks. ;-)

  • ckrzenckrzen Member Posts: 7


    This one looks like it might work well with our "G Suite" account and could provide a good API to work with Wave.


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