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AlbertoAlberto Member Posts: 1

Is there any way to change the payroll frequency?
We are in the US and need to change the payroll frequency from semi monthly to bi-weekly. This is because we have hired more people and have seasonal hires and realized that bi-weekly payroll makes more sense.
I found that Waves does not allow to change the pay frequency after the first pay stub is issued. We have been using Wave payroll for about an year.
I like Waveapps and would like to keep using it... it would be sad to have to use another software just because we cannot change the payroll frequency.
Thank you!



  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 557 admin

    Thanks for reaching out @Alberto - would you be able to submit a ticket here:

    Once a payroll is run, changes in frequency need to be made on our back-end by our Payroll Operations team. If you let them know you need it switched from semi-monthly to bi-weekly they should be able to make the requisite changes for you!

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