Can I create a 'bill payment' from a transaction that was moved from another wave business.

Rusticus du PreezRusticus du Preez Member Posts: 4

I share my saving account between two businesses. (photography and renting out a property)
For the property business I created bills in Wave that I want to pay. I paid the actual amount from my savings bank account which is connected to my photography business. I selected the transaction(bank synced) and moved it to my 'property business account' to the 'cash on hand' account. I had then hoped to select the transaction there and from the drop down menu select ' create a bill payment'. However there is no option like that available. Have I missed something, or is there a workaround?


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    Hi @Rusticus du Preez. I moved this post to the Making Payments. In the future, please be mindful of where you post your questions. This does not belong under Forum Rules.

    To answer your question, bills are not shared between businesses. If you do not have unpaid bills available to be paid, you won't be able to choose anything under "Payment sent for a bill in Wave".

    Different businesses under the same account don't really talk to each other, so transferring from one to the other takes some work. Here's how I would enter it.

    • Add a withdrawal from your bank account with the description "Transfer to Property Business" for your photography business. You can just modify the transaction that was automatically uploaded for this.
    • Make a deposit to Cash on Hand for the same amount on your property business' transaction page. Use something like "Transfer from Photography business" as a description.
    • Pay your bill from Cash on Hand on the side of your property business.
  • Rusticus du PreezRusticus du Preez Member Posts: 4

    Hi @Alexia , apologies for posting in the wrong channel, I didn't realize where I was posting.

    Thank you for the quick response. I will have a look and implement it as you advised :)

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