Uploading your receipt for accounting purposes

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imageUploading your receipt for accounting purposes

Once you've snapped a photo of, processed, and reviewed your receipt, the final step is to upload it to your Wave account so that your books are all in order. This article will explain what that me...

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  • biz4artbiz4art Member Posts: 1
    Is it possible to upload a receipt and post it to an existing transaction? That is, without creating a new, redundant transaction? I have a bunch of transactions in Wave, and I'd like to attach/post the approriate receipt to each one.
  • cjbirch80cjbirch80 Member Posts: 4
    I do a receipt merge. You can take a bill or receipt and enter it. The account may be wrong but phone options are limited you can change later . You review and post the receipt. Once online in transactions. It will show along with other entries from your bank. If dates are close you can find the dollar amounts and dates. From here you can change accounts and stuff easier on your receipt and your bank post. Then you can merge. Not sure if you select the receipt one first or have clicked on the recent for side windows of details... it helps to zoom out on your browser itll show more entries and your eyes and mind can take in more to find matches. anyhow once both selected you click merge at the top. Search bar for transactions. Now the receipt or bill is accessible to that transaction.

    It's a beautiful system
    I've much to learn but this is doable compared to my old ways.10:46PM
    I've asked for them to include transaction total sorting ascending or descending. That way despite date differences...and different names... you can find duplicates(bill or receipt or errors) simply by their dollar amounts being identical. merge or delete at will.10:51PM
  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    Perfect workflow @cjbirch80 ! We're looking to streamline this with the ability to attach items directly to transactions as well.

  • greenwavegreenwave Member Posts: 3

    I am new to Wave and find receipt and transaction sections confusing. It seems like a 2 step process when in quickbooks its one step. I can not add receipts directly to an asset account. The 2 sections have different accounts associated with the same receipt.

  • ChelseaKChelseaK Administrator Posts: 264 admin

    @greenwave Ah! The Receipts uploader is connected to the Transactions page. When you upload a receipt through Purchases > Receipts, you can choose which account the Receipt posts to and you will see the corresponding transaction in your Transactions page. Does that help clarify things?

  • greenwavegreenwave Member Posts: 3
    the problem is you can not post a receipt to an asset account.
  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,299 admin

    Hey @greenwave . You can post a receipt to a Cash & Bank account listed under Assets. Where specifically are you trying to post the receipt to?

  • CoolshaktiCoolshakti Member Posts: 1
    Why am I unable to add anything to payment account and category
  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,299 admin

    hey @Coolshakti . Can you give me some more info on exactly what you're having trouble with? Are you receiving error messages?

    Screenshots would be good too!

  • MicheleMMicheleM Member Posts: 2

    where do you click to upload a receipt once you are in the app?

  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 270 admin

    Hey @MicheleM! There is a camera icon you can click in the receipts app to take a photo of the receipt and upload it! Once you have captured the receipt image you can click into the receipt, enter the data and then click 'post to accounting'. This Wave guide on Wave Receipts for iOS/Android has some great details!

  • MicheleMMicheleM Member Posts: 2

    Thanks, I got that, but was trying to upload digital receipts saved on my laptop

  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 633 admin

    Hey @MicheleM

    Thanks for the further clarification. Not sure what kind of phone model you have but when you select the camera button there is a way for you to upload photos from your camera roll.

    So as long as your images are in your camera roll you should be able to upload. This image above was taken from the iPhone version.

  • L_WingyL_Wingy Member Posts: 1
    I uploaded my receipts on ‘Wave Receipts’ and they’ve finished processing. How do I download them/view them/add to an invoice on this Wave app??
  • LilianaLiliana Member Posts: 2

    When you are reviewing the receipts and in the app is asking you total and subtotal and taxes, do you record it as total or do you split the taxes and the subtotal?

  • LaurenMLaurenM Member Posts: 13
    I'm using Receipts for the first time.

    My credit card (liability account) is not even shown in the options to assign to the receipt, despite that it is my most important credit card (and is definitely in my Wave account) .

    I also don't see the category to enter, which is also definitely in my categories.

    Please help.

    If the Receipts app doesn't work, I'm fine with that. I've been entering receipts manually for years. But if it doesn't pull in all of the accounts in my Chart of Accounts in my Wave account nor categories, then I'm confused and frustrated.
  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,299 admin

    Hey @L_Wingy . Receipts are used to track your business expenses as they create corresponding expense transactions in your Transactions page. What did you want to upload them to your invoices for?

    @Liliana The subtotal is the total amount before tax. This field actually isn't mandatory is the total and tax fields are more important, but you can add this field as well if you'd like.

    @LaurenM Can you try logging out and logging back in, Lauren? The receipts app should pick up all of your accounts, but I'm wondering if maybe they're rather new that it hasn't sync'd properly.

  • BuddyBuddy Member Posts: 1

    New to this. After I've uploaded a receipt and verified all the info, when I choose Post to Accounting I understand that it will record as a transaction within my bookkeeping. My question is, if I am also linking my credit card account (the card I used to get that same receipt), will it double post the transaction in my bookkeeping or will it automatically link the two posts as one single transaction that has the receipt image attached? Thanks for your help!

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