Wave invoice paid - but no bank deposit

rtfmrtfm Member Posts: 2

I have online CC payments activated. Customers are paying their invoices, but no money is ever turning up in my bank account. Wave is correctly downloading my bank account details, transactions, balances and so on, but is not depositing any of the invoices in my bank account.

Talking to the Wave help desk people has been less than inspiring...

I'm in Australia BTW


  • rtfmrtfm Member Posts: 2

    So the question is - where is the money? We're talking thousands of dollars...

  • Zoe_caffZoe_caff Administrator Posts: 376 admin

    Hey @rtfm , thanks for reaching out. Wave currently only offers in house payment processing to our users in North America. For our users in some other countries we have partnered with Stripe. What that means is that Wave takes care of the bookkeeping and Stripe handles the payment processing and determines timelines & fees. You can access your Stripe account via Sales > Credit Card Payments > Go to Stripe Dashboard. If you have questions regarding when your funds will be deposited I recommend reaching out to Stripe directly on Support.stripe.com.

    Something else I would like to highlight here, if you have connected an account via Banking > Bank Connections on your account, that is purely for importing transactions into Wave for accounting purposes, this connections would be completely separate to your Stripe connection and the account that you have connected there to receive payments.

  • Tanya233Tanya233 Member Posts: 2

    Did you get your money last time rtfm? I have the same issue now and don't know where it all went, just signed up with Stripe now but some customers have already paid.

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 993 admin

    Hey @Tanya233. In can take up to 7 business days for the payment via Stripe to deposit into your bank account. My suggestion is that you reach out to them should you have any questions regarding the location of your payment if it's been over 7 business days. https://stripe.com/en-ca/contact

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