I accessed Wave through RBC, but how to access through app?

GoGreen_123GoGreen_123 Member Posts: 8
I just recently started using Wave through RBC, but I’m interested in knowing how to sign in through the app.


  • Zoe_caffZoe_caff Administrator Posts: 376 admin

    Hey @GoGreen_123 , thanks for reaching out and welcome to Wave! We will be able to help you gain access to our invoicing & receipts apps by sending you a password create email, this will allow you to create a password & use your email address as your username. We will need to verify a few things about your business first so can you please reach out to us on Live Chat directly through your Wave account or you can submit a Support ticket with us here and one of our Support Heroes will be able to help you out! :smile:

  • GoGreen_123GoGreen_123 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks Problem Solved! :#
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