What's New in Payroll by Wave - April 2019

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Here's the latest on what's new in Payroll by Wave!

Let us know what you think about the new updates, or if you have any requests for updates here.

Get your business covered with Next Insurance

Wave has partnered with Next Insurance to help US customers get immediate access to customizable and affordable coverage for your business. You can find Next Insurance under your 'Purchases' tab. After filling out their questionnaire, you'll be given your quote with an option to move forward with your coverage with Next. To learn more about Next, you can visit our help center here! At this time, this is only available for US businesses.

Download calendar reminders for your upcoming payroll dates

Don't worry about missing a reminder email, as you can now import your payroll dates through a Google Calendar to get reminders about approval deadlines, paydays, and pay periods. Here's how to import it to your calendar:

  1. Download your calendar file on your payroll frequency page
  2. Open up your Google Calendar
  3. Go too 'Other Calendars > Import'
  4. Import your .ics file
  5. Select the Calendar to view your upcoming dates!

Faster payroll calculations to help you work more efficiently

We know time your time is precious, and you have other more important things to do other than waiting for your payroll to calculate. We've sped up the time is takes for you to run your payroll calculations and see final payroll costs. Customers with larger number of employees and contractors should see a shorter time frame on calculation time.

Employee search

You'll now be able to search for employees by first or last name in your Employees tab.

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