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One of the features I love about Wave is the Receipt app. It makes it super easy and convenient to track expenses on the go. Now that I have a couple of sales reps incurring expenses while they are on the road, I'd like to extend the Receipt app feature to them without giving them full access to the company's financials.

So my feature request is to create a new user role with limited account accessibility for the sole purpose of allowing employees to upload their receipts through the Receipt app, select which expense category (payment account should be preselected to Employee Reimbursement) and hit save. Then I'll be able to review it and submit it to Accounting.





  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 462 admin

    Hey @Starik70 so there isn't a specific user permission setting that allows only this. We've had conversations internally about having a sales-specific sort of permission for this type of need, although there isn't anything forthcoming at this time. That said, there's an alternative that I've suggested to people before (in all honesty, another business owner told me he did this and it worked for him), and it's entirely dependant on what you're comfortable doing.

    Have your employees install the receipts app on their phones, and then you can take a moment to enter your own login details for the receipts app. Then, as long as they leave themselves logged in, they'll be able to use the receipts app to post expenses to accounting. Since they don't actually know your login details, they can't access the web version and they're limited to only using the receipts app. It's not the most elegant workaround, although I figured it's worth bringing up in case it works for you!

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    Ok @Ryan_W, I guess this would work for the moment but it will keep nervous somewhat. Hope you can add the Sales access role soon, thanks a lot.

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