Adding a receipt for an refund on an expense

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I'm trying to verify a receipt on a refund on a expense. Because it is a refund, the amounts on the receipt are negative, including the sales taxes. Wave doesn't let me do this, saying "Receipt total must be larger than sum of taxes".

How do I deal with this?


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    Hi @vst.

    That wouldn't be done through the receipt page, in Wave. You can add a transaction for the amount of the receipt under the category "Refund for an expense". You'll then have to choose the category of the original expense. If you need further details in your accounting, you can add some more information in the "notes" field for the refund, and for the original expense.

  • vstvst Member Posts: 2

    Okay, I guess that is good enough. Thank you.

  • rentlrentl Member Posts: 8

    This really should be possible through the Receipts page... It's trivial that "Receipts" won't accept a negative number...

  • rentlrentl Member Posts: 8

    Okay, after further troubleshooting, I found a work-around!

    When posting the Refund Receipt, leave the value as a positive number. The Receipt will now be visible in your Accounting > Transactions

    You can then click on the Receipt and change its status from "Withdrawal" to "Deposit", after which the receipt will show as a Refund.

    Here's a before/after of the same receipt:

  • rentlrentl Member Posts: 8

    A 2nd work-around: Uploading a Refund Receipt via the Android App will let you post to accounting with a negative number

  • visualgirlvisualgirl Member Posts: 1

    Thank you @renti! The first work-around works great!

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