Wave connect bulk upload invoices from the same customer

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Hello I am new to wave and currently trying to import my old invoices over to wave via wave connect.

When the same customer has multiple invoices, 001, 002, 003 consecutively there is a validation error and only the first invoice number is used.

However when you have a different customer in between this will work perfectly.

May I know how can we go about getting this done correctly? I have a few thousand invoices to import so I cant do this manually.

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi @Bobby ,
    Welcome to Wave!
    Wave Connect's invoice uploader allows you to upload invoices with multiple line-items. This means, given a sheet of data, it needs to know where one invoice ends and the next one starts. The way it does this is to assume that all the lines for a particular customer represent a single invoice, and that each time it sees a different customer, that is a new invoice. If other data changes within what it thinks is one invoice, it will warn you and use the first. That's what you are seeing happen with invoice numbers.
    The solution to this is to insert a blank row any time you want to create a new invoice for the same customer, i.e.:

    Acme widgets [... data... ]
    Bristol finishes [... data... ]

    Bristol finishes [... data... ]
    Canadian maple [... data... ]

    With your data set up like this, you'll get 2 separate invoices for Bristol finishes. Without, you'd get 1 invoice with 2 line items.
    Hope that helps! Paul

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  • BobbyBobby Member Posts: 2

    Thank you very much!

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