Full Payroll in NJ - when available?

tzahicotzahico Member Posts: 6


Wave is really a great tool. Good job guys! :smile:

Quick question - Is there a plan to launch Full Payroll in New Jersey any time soon?




  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 560 admin

    Hey Isaac, thank you for the feedback :) We think you're pretty great too!

    I can submit a feature request for this! We're looking at expanding our state tax options and are running some tests, so keep an eye out for an announcement concerning the next round of tax states. For now however, we'll still calculate the payroll taxes and let you know when they're due (through payroll > taxes). You can also generate their W2/3 at year end within Wave as well, even without tax services available in NJ.

  • tzahicotzahico Member Posts: 6

    Hi @Samd - Thank you! It would be great if you can submit the feature request. I am more than happy to serve as a beta tester for NJ filing if needed :wink:

    Yes, for now I do the payroll manually with Wave, but looking at outsourcing it to an external Payroll company. That being said, it is definitely worth waiting for Wave to introduce full payroll in NJ.

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