Inactivity Timeout Really Short, Allows Actions Before Redirecting to Login Screen

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Does anyone else feel like the login timeout is way too short?

I looked for the cookie that stores the login. I'm not sure if this is it, but identity_user_id appears to be set to 24 hours.

However, I feel like I'm asked to login again with even fewer than 24 hours of inactivity. I was working in Wave yesterday afternoon, but when I logged in this morning, I had to enter my login info again.

What makes this even more frustrating for me, is that some pages will load, and some actions appear to work, only to find out that they aren't really working, and I need to login again first.

On top of that, the login always take me back to the Dashboard instead of remembering the last page I was on. It's just extra clicks, every single day, to get back to the screen I was on.

I think I went from the Dashboard, clicked on Invoices, and all of my Invoices were displayed. It looked like the page loaded fine. But when I tried to click on something else, I was redirected to the login screen. Then I'd login, and start back at the Dashboard again.

Also, the link to update a bank connection appears to start working even when you're logged out. But it'll never finish... because you're logged out.

AT THE VERY LEAST, if I'm going to need to re-enter my credentials every 16 hours or so, can you please just kick me out for real and always show me the login screen? So I don't THINK I'm logged in when I'm really not.


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    Hi @davewarfel . Sorry for the late response on this. I've been able to dig in a little bit further with the appropriate team and I've learned that the log out time is regularly 8 hours for our regular users, and 2 hours if you're logging in through RBC. This should give you a little bit more insight into how this happens and how often you have to log into Wave so you don't lose any work (for example, if you're logging in the morning after working in your Wave account the night before.)

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    Hi @alexlewiszarkos. I appreciate your response. And no worries about the timeliness of it. But with all due respect, your answer is practically useless to me.

    The only thing you've done is confirmed what I pretty much already knew: the inactivity timeout is really short (you confirmed it's exactly 8). But that does nothing to address the several concerns I laid out in my post.

    I even provided potential solutions for you guys to consider. And you didn't even acknowledge them.

    I'm not at all worried about losing any work. I always save things before walking away from my computer. My issues are as stated above:

    • I have to login again every. single. day.
    • I always start back at the Dashboard, and 1-2 clicks are required to get back to the screen I was on
    • It appears as though I'm logged in when I'm actually not

    Even if you aren't going to look into any of them, it would be nice to hear you say,

    "Thanks Dave. We hear your concerns, but at this time, we don't plan on making any changes to XYZ."

    Then I'll at least know not to expect anything to be done in the near future.

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    Hi @davewarfel . You're completely right. I apologize for giving you an answer which was lacking in empathy and really just didn't address the situations you brought up.

    With that being said, let me try and give you the information that I know. The inactivity timeout period is 8 hours. If you're working through Wave for a continued period of time, this presents no issues (as it shouldn't.) If you're coming back to Wave the next morning after having worked in Wave the previous night, this can definitely be problematic.

    I can only assume that the original reason behind this 8 hour inactivity period is for security purposes. Because we're dealing with highly confidential financial information, our highest priority is keeping your info safe. If this requires having you sign back into your computer to ensure that your information is protected, then these are the procedures we have to uphold to ensure your safety.

    In regards to the issues you're having when returning to your computer for longer periods of time, I can have the team look into it to see if it yields any results. I can definitely understand the frustration of doing work only to find out that because you were logged out, it never actually happened.

    My immediate solution to you for now would be logging out of your account when you're gone for extended periods of time. I know this seems like an obvious one, but it will at least prevent you from doing work in Wave only to find out that you weren't actually logged in at all.

    Again, thanks for reaching out about this and I'll be sure to update you in this same thread if I can get any further traction on why this is happening.

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  • davewarfeldavewarfel Member Posts: 12

    Thank you.

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