Allocating Payments

Fiona_Pipkin1Fiona_Pipkin1 Member Posts: 1

Could anyone please advise how to allocate one payment to multiple invoices. When i go to Accounting/Transactions it only lets me select one invoice to pay in the drop down column. Im new to wave and still trying to figure it out


  • Zoe_caffZoe_caff Administrator Posts: 161 admin

    Hey @Fiona_Pipkin1, thanks for reaching out :smile:
    If you have one payment transaction that matches multiple invoices, you can split the transaction and categorize each split as a Payment received for an invoice in Wave this help centre article will explain that further,

    Or you can account for this transaction as an Overpayment and This help centre article can guide you through that! I hope this helps :smile:

    edited April 19, 2019
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