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Does anyone know a way to download a full list of expenses? I can see in 'Account transactions' lots of subcategories of expenses e.g. Accounting Fees, but not an option to see a full list. Is this possible?



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    If you wanted to print a list, you could temporarily add $1 for each account. That way they show up and then export the income statement. After your finished you can delete the transaction. For example, say you have 45 expenses. Using the cash on hand, create an expense for $45. Now split that expense picking each expense and putting $1. Now run an income statement. Each account should show up. export to either pdf or excel. Go back and delete that transaction. Seems like a lot to do for a list but you cannot export the chart of accounts and only accounts with a balance will show up when a report is run.
    The only other method I can think of is to open excel or word. Go to chart of accounts/expenses. On each one use the mouse and highlight the account. Hit Ctrl C and then paste to your document. Repeat as often as necessary or just copy the whole page and reformat as necessary.
    Mike G, CPA

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    Thanks Mike,
    Last year I worked around it by using the second method you mentioned. Just wondered if I was missing something, hoping for a single download really. Oh well, maybe one day.

    Thanks again,

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