Referrals, adjusting pay period end day, and more!

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The team behind the scenes on Payroll by Wave has been hard at work to help deliver the best experiences possible to help you and your team thrive with Wave.

Here’s a few of our latest updates from March 2019:

Share payroll with a friend and get rewarded

If you’ve been using payroll for more than 3 months, you now have access to referrals! When you invite a new user to create a Wave account and activate with Payroll by Wave, both you and your referral will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. To access your referral account, click on ‘Refer payroll to a friend’ on your dashboard.

Change default delay between pay period end day and payday

We’ve added additional flexibility to help you run payroll on your own schedule. Now when you’re scheduling your next payroll, you can adjust the default delay between your pay period end day and payday. This can be done per payroll run.

New flexibility when deactivating your account

We know things change, and we want to make it easier to help with your transition from Payroll by Wave. Now when you deactivate your account, you’ll still have the rest of the month to be able to access your forms and run any final payrolls. Be sure to get everything you need before you go, as your account will be set to ‘inactive’ afterwards and you’ll need to contact support to access any additional files.

Download PDF versions of your monthly invoices

You can now download your monthly subscription invoice as a PDF directly from your account. Simply go to your ‘Billings’ section under your account settings to access your latest invoice from Payroll by Wave.

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  • BCAHBCAH Member Posts: 1

    I can change the finish date and change the pay date but cannot change the start date. Example: My start date is Aug 1 but I need for it to be July 30. How would I be able to change this? Pay frequency is twice per month.

  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 874 admin

    Hey there @BCAH

    You cannot really make this adjustment if you're set to twice monthly. Which is why don't allow the user to make this type of start date adjustment. This type of change would require you to create a payroll adjustment. You can create a ticket or reach out to our team via the chat widget to request this kind of change and our payroll ops team would be happy to make it for you.

    A little more context; the twice monthly period sets all of our users on a payroll cycle that is from the beginning of the month, to the 15, then from the 16th to the end of the month, depending on the date it falls on.

    Hopefully that gives you a bit more context as to why you cannot make this kind of change! Have a great weekend.

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