Accepting CC/DC and Transfer payments

GlynGlyn Member Posts: 2

Hi, Is it possible to set up both payment options i.e. credit/debit card and bank transfers for customers to choose from? I can only see either or options given.



  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 344 admin

    Hey @Glyn and Welcome to Wave's Community Forum! This is a great space for you to connect with both Wave Staff and also other Wavers for helpful insight, and we are happy to have you!

    When you activate online payment processing, your Wave account defaults to having both credit card and bank payments being on. These settings can be toggled on or off on an invoice level, or you can universally turn off payment processing on your invoices through the settings tab. In order to see your current settings, you can follow the steps in this article:

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