Adding JPEG to the body of my Invoices

Morne_07Morne_07 Member Posts: 2


I want to add another JPEG to my invoices in the body of the invoice right at the bottom. I have a company that protects me from clients that don't pay but i just want to make their logo visible on my invoices so everyone can see i am protected by them please. How can i add the logo to my invoices.



  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    Hi @Morne_07. This is not something that's currently possible in Wave at the moment (attaching another JPEG to the bottom of your invoices). We could be exploring different ways to implement new invoice customization in the future, but we still don't have any immediate plans in doing so. Once we do (and if we do) we will be sure to let our users know of these implementations.

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