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highlevelwealthhighlevelwealth Member Posts: 12 ✭✭

Is there a way to include my business email address in my profile settings so that it appears on invoices? If this isn't possible it seems like quite an oversight.


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hi @highlevelwealth . The email address that appears in the invoice itself is the email address associated on the account; your primary email address. To change the primary email address on your account, check out our article here. You can always add another log in email to your account, and when sending an invoice you can choose to send it from whichever email so that when your customer initially opens up the email it will say "For questions about this invoice, please contact [selected email]." At the end of the day though, the email in the invoice itself will always appear as the primary email on the account. Hope this makes sense.

  • highlevelwealthhighlevelwealth Member Posts: 12 ✭✭

    @alexlewiszarkos I am referring to having the email address show up in the "Contact Information" section of an invoice, nothing to do with the actual emails that are generated by the Wave system. For example, if I create an invoice and then just want to send a PDF or even print it out and give someone a physical copy, it would be pretty standard to include my company email address in the "Contact Information" section.

    In the business settings there are fields for website and various telephone numbers but nothing for email. It's crazy to me that you haven't thought to include an email address there. If there is some restriction where you need to have the email address tied to my account, that's fine but at least give an option to print out the email address tied to my account on the invoice please.

  • RMenschelRMenschel Member Posts: 13

    I agree. As a new user, I just created a test/sample estimate and invoice. Neither of them contain any email address for our company in the company's contact information section. We have company name, address, phone, and web site, but no email address.

    If I missed it, please tell me where I can set the email address that appears on the estimate and invoice (eg: [email protected]). If I didn't miss it, then please add this as a field on the estimate, invoice, and receipt documents.

    Thank you.

  • CharlotteCharlotte Member Posts: 671 admin

    Hi folks, thanks for taking the time to reach out. Yes, you're correct: email address is not currently an available field under the business address on your invoices. Some of our customers choose to work around this by adding it in another field they don't use, such as the website field. When you send an invoice, you'll be able to select your "sent from" email address, which will appear to your customer as the sender when it arrives in their inbox. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

  • highlevelwealthhighlevelwealth Member Posts: 12 ✭✭

    @Charlotte @alexlewiszarkos I think we are talking past each other a bit here. When I refer to having an email address on an invoice, I am specifically talking about the exported PDF version of an invoice, not the electronic version that is sent via email or viewed on the payments website.

    I'm guessing it would take your dev team a trivial amount of time to add this field to the "Contact Information" section of PDF invoices and it would make a world of difference for those of us that sometimes need to send PDFs or print out physical invoices. I have tried putting my email address in some of the other phone number fields but unfortunately they all preface the entry with "Fax: " or "Toll Free: " or "Mobile:". Using the website field is not an option in my case as I also want to include my website for clients.

    A more generic solution that would fix my situation and those of others would be to add a "Custom" text field to the Business Profile section. Anything entered here would then appear at the bottom of the contact information areas on PDF invoices and a business can customize it with whatever contact information text they want to appear.

  • Dimitri_CDimitri_C Member Posts: 1

    I'd like to give this feature request a bump. I was creating an estimate this morning for a client that requires me to provide PDFs (as opposed to sending the estimate from within the Wave platform). There's still no way to update my business contact details to include an email address that is displayed on the PDF estimate (i.e. below my phone number/website). This seems like it would be a trivial issue to resolve, so I hope you get around to including it as soon as possible. It would make life a lot easier for people like me who rely on Wave but sometimes have to export/print PDFs of estimates and invoices.

  • FlourishedFoxFlourishedFox Member Posts: 1

    Over a year since this one was raised. Wave, please realise that people do still keep hard copies of their paperwork, and I would like to have my email address and web address on my estimates and invoices for the convenience of my customers.

  • knightknightknightknight Member Posts: 1

    Just tried customise my invoice form and this still has yet to be added. :(

    I too would also welcome the addition of a field to display my email contact on the estimate/invoice pdf as well as my website url.

    edited November 6, 2020

    A big well done work to the wave team. Please consider including this feature in the invoice layout. I need my email displayed on my invoices when printed. Thank you.

  • Miss_Dori_TutoringMiss_Dori_Tutoring Member Posts: 7

    I'd like to add my vote to request this feature (adding business email to contact info) be added to invoices. Unfortunately, @Charlotte's suggetion to add it to one of the other fields did not work for me because it shows as "FAX: [email protected]" or "TOLL-FREE: [email protected]", which is confusing and inaccurate.

  • DevLBDDevLBD Member Posts: 1

    2 years since the original request and still no updates? I just tried to customize my invoice and export as PDF (same as the original requestor), but there's no email field. It's kinda crazy that a basic feature like this would be missing for so long.

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