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AzelAzel Member Posts: 1
Is there a way to attach a photo to the invoice?
I have an art gallery and would like to attach in the description a picture of each artwork.
Thank you


  • RobCRobC Member Posts: 7

    I am also interested in something like this. It would be nice to include an image of the product I'm billing for.

  • ZoeCZoeC Administrator Posts: 388 admin

    Hey @Azel ,@RobC, I am afraid it is not currently possible to attach photos to invoices. This is something that may be introduced at some point, it has been asked for before. Since Wave doesn't currently offer this feature, we'd really appreciate your insight on how it'd be a game changer! The more feedback we can bring to our product team on features, the better! Thanks :smile:

  • RobCRobC Member Posts: 7

    I'm a graphic designer, so for me it would be nice to attach the "deliverable" artwork to the line item description. It doesn't have to be the actual final file, but it would be nice to include a thumbnail image of the logo or graphics I delivered to them. (Not your or my concern, but my client has to submit my artwork with my invoice to management for approval. This would help alleviate that manual step since she has to match up which artwork goes to which invoice. I realize this is a specialized case, but it would be a convenient reminder for all clients.)

    I can see how it would also be helpful to include a picture a physical product for those that have provided it, too.

  • chuckgchuckg Member Posts: 1

    I would also love to have this feature added. It could be on another page if that is possible. I clean Monuments and Markers, so before and after pictures are a necessity and it would be helpful to include them on the invoice rather that having to send them on another (separate) email.

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  • NpzeeNpzee Member Posts: 1
    I'm also curious about this. I run a business in which I do cosmetic automotive repairs and it would be nice to show a before/after photo attached to the invoice. In addition to that, it would offer some peace of mind for me, knowing that there is a visual representation of the work performed, in the case of a dispute of any sort.
  • RicconcalRicconcal Member Posts: 1

    I own a pressure washing business and a lot of my customers would like a before and after photos of the work that was done. Some owners of these business would like to see if the work was performed before the invoice is paid. Photos helps to show that the work was completed. Quickbooks has the ability to attach photos to invoices should Wave. This is a very important feature to have when sending an invoice to a customer. I am sure a lot of Wave customers are in someway in construction or any type of services that require proof that work was completed. I urge Wave to make this a function of invoicing.

    Thank you,

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