How much does Payroll by Wave cost?



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    Hey @flyingace71 , we don't provide you with information about who to submit to and how to do so although we will provide you with the information you need to submit the information.

  • flyingace71flyingace71 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks, I decided to go back to ADP for full service.

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    After reading these comments Im thinking I have a solid grasp on the pricing situation.
    My concern lies in the scalability for smaller businesses and non profits. Is there, or could there be a possibility to have a non subscription option/ ala carte option for businesses, and non profits who have MAYBE a handful of contractors a year??

    This next question may also solve the first. If a contractor is listed as a vendor, do they count towards your employee count for the month?? Or do you need to remove them and re add them every time you hire them for a gig?

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    Hey there @dalbinodna

    Unfortunately Wave does not offer an a la carte option for Wave payroll at this time.

    I do understand how useful this would be for those running payroll irregularly and I appreciate you bringing this to the attention of the community forum.

    Once you create your 1099 vendor/contractor, you won't need to re-add them as they're not a part of your employee count. In fact, if you don't run a payroll for your contractor, you won't be charged the individual contractor fees, just the payroll subscription fees. Whereas if you have active employees, you'll receive the monthly employee charge regardless of whether you run a payroll with the employee or not.

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    Does Wave send out an invoice/receipt for the monthly costs?

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    Hi what if i would like to do my own t4's and monthly CRA remittances? In Canada...I normally do all this myself because I like to be involved with payroll remittances and I like to make sure that all areas are paid, i.e. CPP, EI and TAXES

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