Buying and Selling - easier than frying an egg?

pranaysanghavipranaysanghavi Member Posts: 2

Most small medium businesses resell some of the products belonging to an OEM.

Can we have a buying-selling tracker module that allows us to map the items from the vendor at the cost it is bought, to the customer it is being resold -- of course with a markup ;) a quick margin calculation with the vendors for each line item listed [as in internal note].

These would be products that are simply procured for reselling, these vendors are more like partners.

Moreover, speaking of profits and markups, a _PROFIT FIRST _accounting methodology or a view can also help hundreds of SMB owners to look--and book--their profits. B)

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,683 admin

    Hi @pranaysanghavi . Thanks for providing your feedback on why you think this would be a good product for Wave, AS WELL as your opinion on the best way to handle the functionality of it. Seriously - this is some good detail. The more context we have on how this applies to you, the more we're able to determine the need/want of this from our users.

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