Ability to Print Individual Transactions

ChuckBunnChuckBunn Member Posts: 2

I would like to be able to print individual transaction entries. I have been unable to find out how to do this. I have been told that this is not possible yet. I hope that a program enhancement can be made to allow the printing of individual journal entries.


  • Ryan_WRyan_W Administrator Posts: 460 admin

    Hey @ChuckBunn you're right that this isn't supported at this time, but I appreciate you taking the time to voice this here!

    Would you be able to give us a bit more context around this request? What function does printing individual journal entries serve for your business? What situations do you encounter which calls for this? Any and all context is appreciated so we can get a better sense of the need/want for this, and incorporate it into our longer-term plans for refining Wave!

  • ChuckBunnChuckBunn Member Posts: 2

    Some businesses require journal entry approval for certain entries. A copy of the journal entry has to be attached to the back up documentation supporting the journal entry before the approving officer can sign off on it. So, this is an internal control issue.

    Second, we have found that sometimes your journal entry software copies explanations from previous entry lines, replacing what was actually typed there. And, this does not get noticed until there happens to be a review of the account detail. If we printed the journal entry so that we can see the entire entry (due to the large number of lines), we would likely catch these mistakes and fix them sooner.

  • JC101JC101 Member Posts: 1

    I won't say this is just an internal control issue. It is necessary to double check whether the journal entry is recorded correctly especially by external accountants. Without the function of viewing or printing Journal entries is really absurd. It also does not allow accountant to fix tax amount for clients. It shows Wave is very inexperiend in accounting world and reality. I will never recommend Wave to my client any more. It is so short of BASIC functions and knowledge.

  • alexlewiszarkosalexlewiszarkos Administrator Posts: 317 admin

    Hi @ChuckBunn . Thanks for the constructive feedback here. Finding out how this contributes to our users helps build a better case as to why this functionality should be implemented within Wave.

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