Invoices sent through Wave being marked as spam by Gmail

HandymanHeadleeHandymanHeadlee Member Posts: 32

Is anyone else having problems with Gmail tagging Wave invoices/receipts as spam? In the past week or so this seems to be happening a lot. I know Wave can't control Gmail's spam filters, but wondering if there's anything you can do on your end to make these emails play nicer with Gmail? I'd rather send through Wave than use the Send through Gmail option, plus that's not even an option for receipts, but I'll try that if necessary. Thanks!


  • puzzledesignandcraftpuzzledesignandcraft Member Posts: 1

    Hello, we have also had trouble with Invoice emails going to spam...for probably the past month or so. I am trying to change the Subject of the email to not include the word "Invoice" as I know that is a trigger, but I am all ears if anyone else knows anything to help.


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