Vacation rental agency model

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I got a vacation rental agency, let me explain a few important things on how it works.

We have several channels like Airbnb etc. that we use to promote and rent our properties. One of these is also our own website. We get payemnts either one or two installements that appear in our bank statements in different time depending the contract we have with our partner. We only pay our vendors on the check in day. We get paid by commission just the day we pay our vendors.

Here is a more detailed example:
We have a reservation on February 1st, we get 200 EUR as deposit payment on March 1st we get the balance payment 700 EUR and the whole reservation is now paid. On April 1st we pay the vendor (owner) 850 EUR while we keep our commission 15% - 150 EUR. So is like we keep the money in our account until the vendor get paid but these money will be out soon and is not our actual profit. For some of the reservations we got two type of comissions (profit) depending the contract with vendors.

Any advice on how to set up this business model would be really helpful. I am not interested at the moment to use the invoices feature but I can do that if it's necessary to do the job.


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