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BerniceBernice Member Posts: 1

Hi Rahim

I saw that there was a few discussions on delivery notes not part of Wave. It is also crucial for our business and we really consider moving to Wave as our accounting system. A delivery note, should be really easy … just as you convert an estimate to an invoice, I think you could convert an invoice to a delivery note as well. The major difference will be that you don't have any pricing on the delivery note, just the items and/or products and quantity. Details if customer and delivery address will all be the same as on the estimate and invoice.



  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 675 admin

    Hey @Bernice. Appreciate the feedback you've left us here on a delivery note feature! This is something that we could potentially look at implementing in the future, but we don't have any immediate plans in doing so. I just thought I would also let you know that Rahim is one of our Product Managers and chimes in whenever he can! My suggestion is if you are looking at a specific thread where he's made a comment, please voice your feedback/workflow for the feature implementation there.

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