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In my Profit and Loss Report, I have both bank transactions and invoices that are manually entered as "client- income" showing up twice, and therefore doubling my income. How do I link these when I manually mark an invoice paid so they don’t appear twice? In other words, what is the best approach to manually marking invoices paid when they are also being registered as bank transactions, thus showing up as sales income? And how do I do this retroactively in order to reconcile my 2018 Profit and Loss? Seems to be a problem with Wave and there's no obvious solution unless I'm missing something....
Thanks, Rachel

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    Hey @Rachellh123 in this case, this is expected behaviour; manually recording an invoice as paid will create income transactions, and if the bank account which receives those payments is also connected, you're correct in noting that this creates duplicates.

    The ideal workflow for most people is to wait for the bank connection to update and import your statement on a rolling basis. Then, you'd simply categorize the relevant income transactions as Payment received for an invoice in Wave, and select the specific invoice the payment applies to.

    That said, some people like to mark their invoices as paid manually so they can issue receipts immediately. If that's the case for you--thus creating duplicates--you can simply merge each duplicate into one "master" transaction. To do this, fund both matching transactions in the Transactions page, click the check boxes to the left of each respective transaction, and then click "Merge" (it'll appear as an option at the top left corner of the page). Hope that helps!

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