Checkouts with multiple products or items

ICCTICCT Member Posts: 1

How do I set up Checkouts to accommodate customer choosing multiple products and or multiple items within one product. Can I set it up so that the customer chooses a payment amount (for example for a donation or a tip?)


  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 358 admin

    Hey @ICCT - Checkouts is still in beta at the moment, and does not have full shopping cart functionality. As such, each Checkout would represent a discrete product or service, without the ability to bundle multiple products/services together into one. At the moment as well, the value of Checkout is not editable either, so including a variable amount such as a tip is not currently a possibility either. I'm going to notify our Product Team though of your requests. Because Checkout is still in beta, we are collecting feedback in terms of what people would like to see improved, added, or changed!

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