Removing/deleting clients

RynoRyno Member Posts: 1
I saved a client’s details incorrectly, tried to edit it but the app will not save it so i opened a new client profile. How do I delete the incorrect customer profile? I cannot seem to find an option to do so.


  • JNonJNon Member Posts: 3
    I also tried to delete customer, no option to delete
  • amandakamandak Administrator Posts: 40 admin

    @Ryno @JNon This is likely because you have an invoice associated with the customer that you're trying to delete.

    For proper bookkeeping services, I don't recommend deleting those invoices, but what you can do is Edit your invoice and change the customer associated with it. To do this,
    1) Navigate to the Invoices page
    2) Click on the invoice associated with the customer you're trying to delete
    3) Click "Edit invoice"
    4) Click "Choose a different customer"
    5) Click "Save and continue"

    Once you have done this for all invoices associated with the customer you're trying to delete, you should be able to go to your Customers page and delete the customer using the trash can icon to the right of the customer's name.

  • JNonJNon Member Posts: 3
    @amandak I did exactly what you said but I can’t find trash icon on the customer’s page
  • Zoe_caff1Zoe_caff1 Administrator Posts: 81 admin

    Hey @JNon, you should see the trash can icon to the right of your customers name, in Sales > Customers on your account. I have attached an image of what that should look like, if you are seeing something different, would you be able to attach a screenshot of what that looks like in a response? Thanks :smile:

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  • JNonJNon Member Posts: 3
    Thanks so much @Zoe_caff1 , deleted successfully, I was actually checking in on the mobile app not knowing its through webpage, again thanks I really appreciate
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