How do I delete a recurring invoice ?

noboundariesvinoboundariesvi Member Posts: 1

Not sure how to get rid of it , I dont like the recurring invoices so im just going to create new invoicebut can't find where to delete my draft recurring invoice


  • AmandaKAmandaK Administrator Posts: 70 admin

    @noboundariesvi The easiest way to get rid of a draft recurring invoice is to first finish and approve the invoice. From there, you can end the recurring invoice. To do this:
    1) Navigate to the Recurring Invoices page and select the "Draft" tab
    2) Click on the down arrow to the right of your draft invoice and select "Edit"
    3) Click "Save and Continue" at the bottom of the invoice
    4) Under the "Set schedule" section, set the date of the first invoice to be some time in the future
    5) Complete the remaining steps and click "Approve and start recurring invoice"
    6) Navigate back to the Recurring Invoices page and select the "Active" tab
    7) Click on the down arrow to the right of your invoice and select "End"

    Once you do this, your invoice will disappear from the "Active" tab and be archived in the "All recurring invoices" tab. Hope that helps!

  • WPBNSWPBNS Member Posts: 5

    Amanda, isn't there a way to just DELETE an invoice? I don't mean to "End" the invoice, but actually just delete it from your system. If not, why? Gary

  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 694 admin

    Hey there Gary @WPBNS

    You should be able to delete an invoice but only if you haven't processed payments through it. If you've processed any bank payments or credit card payments through any invoice, our system won't allow you to delete it. This is for keeping an audit trail of your payment of course, as these are standard bookkeeping practices. If you haven't processed payments through our CC or ACH bank payment options, you should be able to select the triangle drop down menu beside the invoice in the all invoices page, and delete it. Hope this makes more sense! Have a great weekend.

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