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ComptonadeComptonade Member Posts: 1

Good evening,
i have been looking thoroughly through the website to see if i can have any other payment options, i.e Paypal / square etc.
The reason for this is the company i have started working for sell E-Liquids and 'Stripe' prohibits me from using them to process payments.
Can you please advise on what if any, other payment options there are or how we can add our own into Wave?

Thanks in advance


P.s please feel free to move this post if i have posted it into the wrong section.


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,753 admin

    Hi @Comptonade . Stripe would be your only way to accept Payments directly through the Invoices in Wave. Many of our users accept payment outside of Wave through PayPal or Square by providing this payment information in the invoice when they send it, and then accounting for the payment in Wave itself.

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