Sub Totaling

GilsMarineEngineGilsMarineEngine Member Posts: 2

Is it possible to sub total parts and sub total services when invoicing?


  • Katie_SilkinaKatie_Silkina Guest, Unconfirmed, Applicant, Member, Administrator, Moderator, Employers Posts: 73 admin

    @GilsMarineEngine could you describe the business case you are looking to achieve here? Are you looking to separate costs? Counts? Send more information to your customer?

    The more information the better, it will help our team provide the best recommendation for you.

  • GilsMarineEngineGilsMarineEngine Member Posts: 2

    I would like to be able to show the subtotal for parts and the subtotal for labor. For example in the estimate attached, the items subtotaled minus the last one Labor, so the customer can see how much Parts cost for and then a subtotal for Labor.
    Thanks you.

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  • alexlewiszarkosalexlewiszarkos Administrator Posts: 232 admin

    HI @GilsMarineEngine . Our Product team is working on creating a more nuanced and complex Invoicing platform where options like this will be available. I will gladly pass this info along to the team so that they have a better idea of what our users are looking for. Until then, the best workaround would be to add your subtotals in the Notes section so that your customers still have a breakdown of the totals.

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