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Hi everyone!
My question is two fold:
I do many invoices per client per month and they prefer to receive a monthly statement, in stead of each invoice separately. Is there any way to send bulk statements to all my customers with invoices outstanding? (At the moment I go to each client and send a statement - it takes forever...)
Then, when I receive payment on the total of a statement, it's usually for all the invoices on that statement at the same time. Is there any way to link that payment to several invoices, without breaking up the payment? (At the moment I import my bank statement, the total payment shows up, but then I have to go to each invoice, report a payment for each one and then it splits the payment on my Accounting transactions into multiple little payments, which forces me to then go back and delete the original transaction that I got through the bank.)
Am I missing something...? Obviously still new to the program... ;-)


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    Hey @Melaniedv ! So, from what it sounds like, all you need to do here is split the bank deposit transaction that comes through the bank statement upload -- Once you split the transaction, you should be able to categorize different portions of that deposit into each individual invoice that was sent out to the client. For example, you have a deposit of $500 and two invoices from that client who paid in bulk (both for $250 each) -- when you split the transaction, you can select the category 'payment received for invoice' and then select the corresponding invoice in Wave. I've attached a screenshot from my test account showing the example.

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