Mobile receipts: Working with Viewers and Editors

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imageMobile receipts: Working with Viewers and Editors

We know that you may not be the only one responsible for tracking receipts for your business. In the new receipts app, other users of your account can upload receipts into a Wave account right from...

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  • JayaramanJayaraman Member Posts: 2

    Please insert an option to send the receipt by WhatsApp. Also the complete invoice with receipt by whatsapp is a better option

  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 1,145 admin

    @Jayaraman Appreciate your feedback here. I will make sure that your voice is heard and that this feature request is mentioned to our product team for an add in a future roadmap -- to get a stronger sense as to why this would be beneficial to our Wave users, could you please elaborate a little more on your workflow and how this would benefit you?

  • GShafferGShaffer Member Posts: 1
    A great feature here would be to add functionality to add employees to be able to upload their receipts. When the receipts are uploaded our accountant should be able to view who they came from if you have multiple employees.
  • JordanDJordanD Administrator, Moderator Posts: 488 admin

    Welcome to Wave's Community Forum @GShaffer and for sounding off with your thoughts on how we can continue to build out the user options in Wave. Within Wave, you can add users who can upload receipts into Wave for your business and you can do this through Settings > Users.

    It sounds like you are also referring to having an audit trail with the receipts feature that would essentially say which user uploaded the receipt into Wave. While this sort of functionality doesn't yet exist, curious to hear from yourself (and other Wavers) about how this would improve your workflow?

  • Aaron3011Aaron3011 Member Posts: 1
    Customers can’t open invoice in its current format so I can’t get paid.
  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,733 admin

    Hey @Aaron3011 . Can you further expand on the issue you're having with your customers opening your invoices?

  • DonnieC_7DonnieC_7 Member Posts: 1

    Anyone else have troubles downloading the receipts app? I have android, and in the play store only Wave accounting shows up. I tried the qr scan also and that didn't work.

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