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looking for info to possibly reach a goal of a wordpress woocommerce or nopcommerce based website that can book b&b rentals and process payments through waveapps is there a way that waveapps can create and invoice and process the online payment from the scheduling (booking) selection on the site like if I book 3 nights the invoice generated should be 3Xrate per night= and generate to the invoice for online payment processing? and can waveapps be setup items like for rental business? sorry if I don't have it clear enough I can elaborate as comments come in Thank you in advance


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    Hi @EALING_Computer_IT, we offer Checkout by Wave, which is a payment link you can embed on your website. It's designed for pre-set products and amounts, so the customer cannot change the price, Your best bet would be to create multiple checkouts for various lengths of time your customers may want to book for, for example one checkout for 3 nights, one for 1 week, etc.

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    I'am aware of the checkouts they are great and they work well for myself but .....that really wont work for a client I cant have their site cluttered with multiple checkouts adding to user confusion and the client would always have to manually check patron paid for the correct # of nights it would be nice if there could be a configurable drop down to choose the # of nights and have the invoice reflect that

  • EALING_Computer_ITEALING_Computer_IT Member Posts: 9

    wave needs to integrate with a product like woocommerce that would be fantastic!

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    Hey @EALING_Computer_IT -- so we don't have an immediate integration with WooCommerce.. however, we have an integration partner called Zapier that allows you to connect the two together; -- I hope this helps a little bit more with your journey on using Wave.

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    thank you for the info on zapier only my experience with too many 3rd party connections is once something breaks its a nightmare and if I have lots of clients to maintain it just too much so I'd rather not go with a work around

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    Is checkout by wave for North America only???

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