No uploaded CSV bank transactions appearing

Will_WWill_W Member Posts: 5

Hi Wave Support, I've had quite long delays between uploading about 280 CSV bank transactions and their being shown. So although it looked successful first time, I tried it once more, and again nothing was showing.
However a few days later both sets of entries were added. This resulted in duplicated sets of figures!
I deleted them and tried to start over, but when I had what looked like a successful upload (it had asked me to verify the dates and amount columns etc) 48 hours later they are still not there.
Please can you advise if there is a queue of o/s transactions 'in process' that I can have sight of?
I can have another go in smaller batches of <100 and with the YYYY-MM-DD format, but don't want to in case of more duplication.
Many thanks


  • Brice_HBrice_H Member Posts: 6

    I just had this problem a couple days ago with importing via bank connections. Recent transactions were brought in very oddly. I have a checking account and savings account with the same bank through the same connection. Recent transactions were duplicated for each account and then also duplicated in the OTHER account. So I had (4) times too many transactions.

  • Will_WWill_W Member Posts: 5

    It may just be a coincidence but I also have checking and savings on the same connection.

  • Will_WWill_W Member Posts: 5

    Uploading in smaller batches of <100 and with the date format YYYY-MM-DD has worked. To get that date format in excel one has to go to format cells > number > custom and enter the text yyyy/mm/dd then save as a .CSV file.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hi @Will_W . Our .csv uploader can get a tad finnicky, so this advice on the date and smaller batches (two of the most common troubles) is much appreciated.

    Hi @Brice_H . It sounds like you're getting duplicate transactions for both your checking and savings? Is it possible that you have two bank connections set up under your Banking tab in Wave, importing these transactions twice?

    Lastly for both of you, we just recently released Wave Connect which may actually make the importing process easier for you. Feel free to check out the link below to get a better idea on how this works.

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