issue with invoice dates

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Whenever i try to import multiple invoices using google sheet the dates dont match for instance lets say the date of the invoice that i import is 26th feb 2019 but in the wave accounting software the same invoice date is showing as 27th feb 2019.Any solution for this ?


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    Hi @yousuf thanks for your message and I'm so sorry for the wait. I suspect that this has to do with the way that Wave handles timezones on this page. Dates and times are in UTC so you may find that days are displaying one day ahead based on your location.

    I'd recommend double-checking that your computer is set to an automatic timezone based on your location, rather than just setting the clock ahead. If you believe this isn't the case, please give us a few more details (such as your timezone) and we'll dig in. Thank you!

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    Arabia Standard Time (AST) is 3 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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    Thanks for the update @Yking. Can you confirm if your computer's automatic timezone is set based on your location? We'd need confirmation that your computer has the correct set up as per how Wave handles international usage. If it's just set at the clock-level or if you use a VPN, you could face this kind of issue.

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    computer's automatic timezone is set based on my location
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    Hey @Yking! Thanks for your patience awaiting a response on this. I just thought I would confirm a few things (and hopefully provide you with the correct solution). We've tested on our end and even if our timezone was correct on our Google Sheet, it was sending the wrong date out to an integration. Changing the timezone, and then changing it back to the correct timezone seemed to fix that -- I'm thinking that this should work in your scenario as well. Hopefully this screenshot could provide some more insight.

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    @JamieD will try out your solution.Thanks alot :)
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