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LimitedheadroomLimitedheadroom Member Posts: 2

I've just sat down to do my last quater's accounts. The first time I've really got to use Wave since the update

The ability to sort transactions by amount in acounting has gone! Why would you get rid of this Wave? You can only sort by date now, more or less useless in ths context.

The best way I found to go through my accounts is to enter and confirm the receipts, then go into acounting, constraing the view to one month, SORT BY AMOUNT, then go through and merge and confirm all the transactions of the same value, which takes seconds because they are all on consecutive rows. I often have receipts or bills that aren't on the same date as the expendiature.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the sorting options other than by date, it's crazy! I'm finding the new interface very slow to work with so far, largely due to the lack of sorting options. This also means mistakes are much more likely to happen. Or receipts and transactions not being assigned to one another correctly. 40 minutes so far and O've only got through about 5 transactions. I would have done the whole quater by now in the previous version, at this rate it's going to take me weeks!


  • LyndaLynda Member Posts: 3

    Sorting by column is basic functionality for most software. Why is this not part of Wave?

  • LimitedheadroomLimitedheadroom Member Posts: 2

    Exactly my point. Why can't we sort by any column we like?

  • Ryan_WRyan_W Member Posts: 452 ✭✭✭

    Hey @Limitedheadroom and @Lynda, although there isn't a sort by amount toggle in this version, you can still use the various Filter options to refine the views of your transactions which may be helpful. Of course, I'm happy to pass this feedback along to our team for when we shift our focus to fine-tuning the current tools in the coming quarters.

  • czyadgrlczyadgrl Member Posts: 12

    YES. I really miss the ability to sort by amount, and given there is currently no way to even search for a transaction by amount, it's nearly impossible/incredibly time-consuming to do something as simple as check for double transactions, or verify that there aren't any transfers hanging out unmatched, which has historically been one of my FREQUENT type of reconciliation issues.
    None of the filter options allow/return results by amount, only descriptions.
    Please bring back sorting by transaction amount and search by amount functions :)

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  • GinianGinian Member Posts: 4

    @Ryan_W said:
    Hey @Limitedheadroom and @Lynda, although there isn't a sort by amount toggle in this version, you can still use the various Filter options to refine the views of your transactions which may be helpful. Of course, I'm happy to pass this feedback along to our team for when we shift our focus to fine-tuning the current tools in the coming quarters.

    We REALLY need it!

    It was there, there is no sense for removing it, and it takes no time to reintroduce it.

    Can you please put it back soon?

    edited March 31, 2019
  • GinianGinian Member Posts: 4

    What about this? It's three months since this request was posted, and the sorting by amount has not been restored yet. Can you please do it? We really need it!

  • SamdSamd Member Posts: 552 ✭✭✭

    Hey @Ginian, I understand that this would be incredibly useful for your business, but we can in no way guarantee that a feature implementation will for sure happen, and what the timelines around implementation would be. Our Development Teams have a number of ongoing major projects and aren't always able to reshuffle priorities to work on other projects and features, even if it seems relatively simple. This is because despite the fact that we used to have this functionality, the updated version of Wave runs on an entirely new system we needed to build out. So it's not unfortunately the case of turning something back on as much as it is totally rebuilding a function.

    To be a little more transparent about what our Development Teams are currently focused on; we're currently rebuilding and improving the reconciliation functionality so that our users (and especially those moved over form our older system) have a much better and less stressful experience in getting their books to reconcile. Another major focus is migrating the remaining users on the old system over in as seamless a way as possible. I apologize about the frustration we've caused here though. We will update this thread if/when we have additional information.

  • GinianGinian Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for taking the time to answer, I appreciate.

  • Loop78Loop78 Member Posts: 2

    This feature is essential and I would like it to be restored asap.

  • topher217topher217 Member Posts: 11

    (facepalm) add another to the list of amazing automated improvements from Wave...We don't need AI powered transaction labelling/grouping/scanning before we have a basic working transactions sheet. I don't know who is pushing for all these overkill over-designed features that you are trying to force on everyone, but from what I am seeing, your forums are full of people requesting the most basic features...and now instead of introducing them, you are taking them your dev focus please.

  • CGNHerbalistCGNHerbalist Member Posts: 1

    I'm very disappointed in the loss of this functionality as well. When I hired one of your account people to help me in my accounts, it was one of the MAIN RECOMMENDATIONS HE GAVE ME in order to review my accounts. Now his recommendations are useless. Please bring it back.

  • GrahamBGrahamB Member Posts: 2

    +1 for return of sort by amount please!

  • DinisMachadoDinisMachado Member Posts: 3

    Yes, this is absolutely fundamental! I'm on countdown to my tax report and I need this!!!!

  • SplashEngineSplashEngine Member Posts: 3

    +1 on this. Really basic stuff. Confounding that it was once there and removed.

  • EmmaPEmmaP Member Posts: 639 ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback on this. I can see that the sort by amount feature is important to running your business in Wave. At the moment I do not have any ETA on if/when this feature will be implemented. In the meantime, a function has been added to allow you to search for an amount from the Transactions page using the search key.

  • BrucePBruceP Member Posts: 1

    I can no longer sort transactions by amount. This makes your platform almost useless. Please give me an estimation of when this will be restored. It never should have been removed. Does anyone at your organization use your software? We may need to look for another platform if we do not have this functionality. It is costing us a great deal of additional time to do what should be a quick process.

  • JulianPJulianP Member Posts: 1,002 ✭✭✭

    Hey there @BruceP ! In Wave you can't sort your transactions by amount (highest to lowest or vice versa for example). However, you can search for a specific transaction amount by selecting the
    "Search" button on the right side of the Transactions page and entering your desired value. With that being said, we appreciate your feedback on this. To be completely transparent, building out the Transactions page to offer an amount sorting option is not currently on our product roadmap and we don't know when or if it will be implemented. However, this does not mean that we are dismissing feedback from our users on this feature as we may revisit implementing this feature in the future!

  • nblawnblaw Member Posts: 1

    Wow. I assumed i was being dense but... this doesn't exist?! I just started with wave from good reviews today, glad to know this and I won't be using it. Back to quickbooks although paid. Yikes. WHy are they downgrading features that should be standard. Sheesh.

  • Estrellas2000Estrellas2000 Member Posts: 1

    @EmmaP would this be a future Feature for 2022?

    edited November 7, 2021
  • mwgmwg Member Posts: 1

    I used to use wave accounting back in the day -- probably stopped 2017-2018 with my last business...

    and now, I find you can no longer sort transactions by dollar amount?!?!?!?!? um, WHAT?!?!

    I agree with other comments, it is pretty much a go/nogo feature.

    I guess I will load the transactions into excel.... :/

  • JRPBookkeepingJRPBookkeeping Member Posts: 1

    I concur, this is certainly a reason I do not recommend Wave for transaction heavy users. I have moved 2 clients to QBO due to this feature and their ability to search and find an amount with ease.

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