CSV Imports - only a subset of records imported

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I am new to Wave and still setting up the accounts. Earlier I discovered that I couldn't transfer all the transactions for the last year using the direct connection to my bank. I learned that I could only get the history for the last few months that way. So today I downloaded the transactions as a CSV from my bank. However, when importing into Wave, I noticed that it was only displaying about 7 records when it asked me to confirm the details. I thought I would import the rest separately but when I completed the import with the subset of records, the import process messed up the amounts and I ended up with completely incorrect figures.

My bank supports QIF files too but Wave fails to load them (to be fair, the QIF format is not listed as the supported formats).

Hopefully, someone can shed some light on this.

kind regards



  • matharmathar Member Posts: 2

    Update: Think I got it working now after a few attempts. Even though it shows only a subset of the records, that is probably a preview to confirm the columns. Phew :-)

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,760 admin

    Hi @mathar. Glad to hear you got it working on your own! Welcome to Wave!

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