Add a note to invoice list

OldGoatOldGoat Member Posts: 3

Is there any way (or can it be added), when viewing a list of invoices to add/see an invoice notes? (not visible to client)
In my case, I invoice customers for various services but I would like to see at a glance what they are when not my usual services (to refer back to).
For example, under all invoices list have: Status | Date | Number | Customer | "NOTES" | Total | Amount Due | Actions
In the notes column one could add "purchased laptop" which is not the usual scope of work.


  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 628 admin

    @OldGoat -- This is not something that's currently available in Wave at the moment. Potentially, we could see changes to sorting on the Invoices section itself, but we do not have any immediate plans to add this to a future roadmap. I appreciate the feedback and suggestion here, and will make sure that your voice is heard when asked about specific features that can be added to our software.

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