Invited users to view data on current Business

luxfieldluxfield Member Posts: 3


I have invited 2 of our staff as Admin's to view/access all info, however they advised me they cannot see the existing data in the system that has already been generated i.e. Estimates, Products, Customers etc.

Is there anything they need to do on their end to see this info, or is Admin not the appropriate rights to assign to them?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  • JamieDJamieD Administrator Posts: 628 admin

    Hi @luxfield! If you add a user to collaborate on your business (as an admin) they should definitely have access to those three pages in Wave -- I know it might be obvious, but have you made sure that you invited them to collaborate on the correct business? Are they getting any specific error messages when they try to access your business in Wave?

  • luxfieldluxfield Member Posts: 3

    Hi Jamie,

    I have confirmed those staff can see the Business, yes. They can also see all of the Products and Services, and all of the Customers etc already entered previously. They just cannot see the Estimates that has already been raised in the past by myself & others. That being said, they can access it, but it just comes up Blank as if an Estimate has never been raised before. No error messages. We are just wanting all our invited users (depending on access level off course) to see all of the related info already in the system.

  • SamdSamd Administrator Posts: 479 admin

    Hey @luxfield, this sounds like an error we get from time to time. A lot of the time, this can be fixed by tweaking some things in the internet browser. Wave supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. We'd also recommend that they try using Wave with browser extensions disabled. Lastly, if they have Chrome, try opening up an incognito window, logging into Wave account, and try again (or if you have Firefox, open a private browsing window). Clearing cache and cookies can also help. Let us know!

  • luxfieldluxfield Member Posts: 3

    Hi Sam,

    Thank you for the feedback. It came good after a few days of those users receiving their Invites to the account. Good thing is they can see everything int he system now. I will most certainly keep that in mind next time we invite another user. Many thanks again.

  • Zoe_caffZoe_caff Administrator Posts: 232 admin

    Hey @luxfield, thanks for letting us know you got things sorted! Please do reach back out if you notice any similar issues going forward! :smiley:

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